• Is it possible to adjust the size of muffin dough (batter)?

    The amount of dough (batter) depends on the size of the waffle maker and your needs. The dough (batter) will expand a little after baking, so do not make it as large as the pan of the waffle maker, in case it might spill out.

  • How to know the cake is cooked

    To test whether the cake has been cooked, using bamboo sticks / chopsticks to stab into the cake center and make sure it is not sticky

  • Do baking cups necessarily for baking cakes?

    Any high temperature resistance molds can replace for baking cup.

  • Butter is not easy to stir evenly, how to make the butter easy to be used?

    It can be place into the microwave; oven or double boiling to melt down the butter.

  • What kind of the butter to be use?

    Any kinds of the butter which available in market that can be good for it. (Recommended the unsalted butter)

  • Any awareness for the eggs?

    No need to worry about the temperature of egg, but do recommended beating the eggs before use it

  • If I do not have any experience of making a cake, what should I learn first?

    You can search the recipe of some small snacks and cakes on the internet.  Follow the steps for cake or dough making.  After a while, it will be natural to you.